*err collective invites you to support their project The Feeling of Not Feeling at Home, from TOPIC to Omonia, Athens

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Dear Friends,

We are very pleased to share with you a few updates on the project The Feeling of Not Feeling at Home, which we have been developing at TOPIC, Geneva, since Spring 2016. The project is led by *err, a collective of 10 writers, artists, activists, filmmakers, curators and researchers from across four continents—practicing and dealing with the feeling of not feeling at home.

*err is currently based in TOPIC, Geneva, where it will present the Phase 2 of its research project in 2017.

Phase 1:

The Feeling of Not Feeling at Home

September 9th - 18th, 2016

from TOPIC to Omonia, Athens

This September *err will visit Athens to continue our study of precarity, collectivity and the undercommons. We will partner with the Athens Biennial and CASA, to extend our disobedient research through a post-crisis context and into the heart of Greece. Our goal is to gather a set of questions, an archive and a group-sense of what could become the future of Europe.

Our fieldwork will engage both those directly affected, as much it will drift across space, citizens, pigeons, history and architecture. Mostly we want to return to Geneva with a set of curious feelings that will feed our thinking—where our longterm goal is to understand new class formations, and develop tools for how collective action could address global precarity.

In the spirit of grassroots action we have decided to crowdfund our initial research trip—for this we need your help.

Our Goal is to raise € 3000 to cover travel and production costs.

For more information or to support The Feeling of Not Feeling at Home, please visit:



Thank you!