Sunday September 4 ~ Expodium presents UNMAKING, OR HOW TO RETHINK URBAN NARRATIVES publication & launch, with contributions by Nikos Doulos (DAI, 2008) and Informal Strategies (Doris Denekamp – DAI, 2011 & Geert van Mil)

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04.09.2016 @Kapitaal, Utrecht, 16:30 – 18:00

Following up our UNMAKING THE NETHERLANDS (UTN) program, UNMAKING, or HOW TO RETHINK URBAN NARRATIVES shows our findings, feelings and fictions about Dutch urban planning and the role arts play in urban questions. Designed by fresh graphic designer Lyanne Tonk and inspired by UTN’s three thematic pillars –Play, Urban Cannibalism and The Walking Culture – this book wishes to take our investigation further and establish itself as a manual on how to map, reflect on and thus own the urban landscape we occupy every day.

A designer with close ties to Kapitaal designed Expodium’s publication on Unmaking the Netherlands - the metaphorical theme park on urban arts and urban planning. This publication will be presented that day.

Expodium talk about the content, Lyanne Tonk on the design, Peter Steijn accepts the book on behalf of the City of Utrecht and expect some musical and filmic surprises.

Only for that day:

* publication discount for purchase on spot

* limited edition Flexy Disk with sound work by Informal Strategies

* limited edition UNMAKING merchandise

* dj’s connected to Kapitaal and Expodium spin some tunes!


A few words about the publication:

UNMAKING takes that permanent reconfiguration as the conditio sine qua non of the contemporary city.

It is a book on the city as we perceive it; a place to rethink and reimagine the existing built environment.UNMAKING departs from a local area in the city of Utrecht: Werkspoorkwartier, a former industrial zone. This part of town is the departure point for contributions by artists, biologists, architects, thinkers of all sorts. They delivered drawings, speculative scenarios, photos, memories, subjective atlases, essays and interviews.

UNMAKING therewith reflects on the contemporary love story of humans with their cities.


With contributions by:

Anna van Lingen & Denisa Kollarová, Anonymous, Christos Chrissopoulos, Durbavka Sekulić, Ienke Kastelein & Hans van Lunteren, Informal Strategies, Jelle Reumer, Joris Lindhout, Kajsa Lawaczeck Körner, Mariska Gewald, Ruben van Gogh and Expodium (Bart Witte, Friso Wiersum, Nikos Doulos).