Saturday, August 20 ~ Julieta Aguinaco (DAI, 2015) and Sarah Demoen (DAI, 2015) invite you to their lecture-performance at Nixon Platform for Contemporary Art.

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Saturday, August 20, 16:30


“Those quiet men who always stand on piers asked where we were going and when we said, ‘To the Gulf of California’, their eyes melted with longing, they wanted to go so badly” the lecture-performance of a script written by Julieta Aguinaco & Sarah Demoen during their visit to the Sea of Cortez. This visit was a reiteration of a trip writer John Steinbeck and marine biologist Ed Ricketts did in 1940, covering the whole peninsula of Baja California to collect sea specimens — documented in the novel The Log From the Sea of Cortez. Ricketts collected sea life almost randomly, while Steinbeck’s novel presents the trip as an adventure, far from the organized and specific methods we attribute to science. In this haphazard approach Sarah and Julieta recognize a similar urge when thinking about art. Furthermore, like Steinbeck and Ricketts, they too are uninvited visitors researching a landscape that never asked for them. What is in it for the visited?


Julieta Aguinaco

Sarah Demoen



San Luis Potosi 43 - C

México, D. F.