2011 Monday February 14 at the DAI-auditorium/ My Life in Books/ a public lecture by AA Bronson in the context of the Publishing Class

tag: Arnhem

Who is publishing for whom, who speaks and who listens? 'Publishing Class' is a two year programme designed for the Dutch Art Institute by Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory, delving into the act of publishing through and within artistic practice in close examination of publishing's social and political role. It is a class on publishing but also on the notion of the 'class' who publishes, especially in response to the time when artistic publishing has seen an upsurge in activity and interest in spite of the impending dematerialization of publishing. For the third session, AA Bronson, a New York-based artist and member of artists collective General Idea (1969-1994) joins the class with a day-long working project with the students group of developing a prototype for a new type of fashion magazine. With this idea, AA mentioned: 'I am concerned that while there has been an enormous explosion of new types of publishing in the visual arts world, there has been almost nothing in the fashion world that is similar.'

The outcome will be shared in the evening lecture by AA Bronson, entitled 'My Life in Books', which covers a variety of topics including Printed Matter and the NY Art Book Fair but also his practice. Practical information: The lecture is open for the public. Those who are interested in joining the class during the daytime can consult Chris Lee, coordinator of the programme via his email chrislee.uu@gmail.com.

Please note the evening lecture takes place in Arnhem where the Dutch Art Institute recently found their new home: Kortestraat 27, 6811 EP, Arnhem.

Class: 14 Feb 10.00-17.00

Lecture: 14 Feb 19.00-21.00