Jammie Nicholas (DAI 2016) presents his Backpack Residency project at the Outpost Member's Show 2016

20.06.16 | tag: Norwich


If you are in or around Norwich, UK in the next few weeks, I have some work on show at Outpost Member's Show 2016 selected by Lynda Morris and Chris Rawcliffe. The exhibition opens tomorrow, the 21st June from 18:00 - 21:00 and runs until the 31st of July.

The work is from my residency in 2015 with the Backpack Residency, and the backpack itself will be travelling to, in and around Norwich over the duration of the exhibition. (Many thanks to Kyle Zeto)

Oh My Dear God -- Are You One of Those Single Tear People? :'( a text that I have written for Open! Journal, as part of my MA at DAI has been published.

Hope to see you there or somewhere soon,

Health and the like,

Jammie Nicholas


Outpost Member's Show 2016