Nikos Doulos (DAI, 2008) & Expodium invite you to UNMAKING THE NETHERLANDS 'WALKS' on 17 & 18 June

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Expodium / Unmaking The Netherlands is joining Dag Van De Architectuur, Utrecht again this year starting with a PechaKucha presentation followed by a NIGHTWALKERS session in the city centre on the 17th of June

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On Saturday 18th of June they welcome you to a special NIGHTWALKERS SOUNDSCAPE session at Werkspoor. Expodium will provide a soundscape which will be publicly available on the internet 3 days prior to the event. Participants are invited to download/listen the soundpiece and use their mobiles during the walk or (for a limited number of people) borrow an MP3 player on the spot.

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William Burroughs liked to ‘walk on colors’, Walter Benjamin described the 'flâneur as the essential figure of the modern urban spectator, an amateur detective and investigator of the city'. Frédérik Gross writes 'the flâneur appeared at a time when the city had acquired enough scale to become a landscape. It had become a forest, a jungle.'