Saturday, June 18: Dear Louise, how did the Greeks bury their statues? ~ Ghostwriter presents two performances in dialogue with Despina Sevasti (DAI, 2017) & Sebastian De Line (DAI, 2016)

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I would like to share two stories with you.

How did the Greeks bury their statues?

What is the ritual in all this?

How do you translate:

Thank you if are you are listening.

A pilot flight announcement,

They had no choice but to fly because if they fell, they could not land.

a Vivaldi aria on oriental love,

I mean you’re not the only one listening at the moment.

graffiti on Greek school desks,

Sometimes it takes a long time, listening to silence, waiting for the materials to show how they should be connected.

stuttering (as a white-female-southern-european) in a mall in Jakarta,

The difference between you and I you see, is if I were sitting at the kitchen table receiving artists and answering their questions, they wouldn’t be speaking with a ninety-nine year old white, cis lady.

travelling back and forth Athens - Amsterdam to be an art student.

Did you enjoy it or did it bother you?”

Despina Sevasti and Sebastian De Line were both born in 1977, οne in Greece, the other in Canada. They met last fall at the Dutch Art Institute and since then they have been co-conspirators in nerdy, critical, and hopefully witty art & identity discourse blah-blah-blah. It would be our pleasure to invite you to our performances at Ghostwriter. We will be our typical awkward selves and we hope you will too.

Short Bios:

Despina Sevasti is an artist, writer and educator living and working in between Athens and Amsterdam. She has studied at Goldsmiths College (MA Contemporary Art Theory), Athens School of Fine Arts (BA Sculpture) and the University of Athens (BA Archaeology & History of Art).

Sebastian De Line is an artist living in the Netherlands, currently completing a M.A. at the Dutch Art Institute. Afterwards, he plans on pursuing doctoral studies on Indigenous philosophy and queer feminist discourse.

Ghostwriter is opening her wings to guests from abroad. Contributions of 3 euros are welcome and supportive.
Saturday, June 18 at 8-11pm
Emmanuil Benaki 146b