Re-location project-workshop, about:, Athens/ Yota Ioannidou a.o.

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Re-Locate project is initiated by Apartment Project - Istanbul, the subject of the project is the compulsory population exchange in Balkans between the two world wars and its consequences expressed through artistic practices (research in situ, discussions, interviews, art works).

Having as a point of departure the city of Istanbul, a group of artists creates artistic workshops at station-cities: Plovdiv, Athens, Skopje and Pristina. The aim is to develop a mutual platform for research on common history and to establish an understanding of different cultural aspects through the collaboration with local artists, writers and curators.

The workshop in Athens will be realised from 15 to 19 May at the art space ABOUT: with the participation of the artists: Ilgin Seymen, Gokçe Suvari, Gunes Terkol, Mehmet Dere, Selda Asal, Suat Ogut, Sukru Ozgur Erkok, Zeynep Beler, Zeyno Pekunlu, Ha ha vu zu, Yota Ioannidou (alumna DAI), Mary Zygouri, Vasilis Noulas, Maria Sarri.

At 17th of May an open presentation-discussion will be realized at 19:00 pm at ABOUT:. Taking as a starting point the common shared experience of the historical condition of the compulsory population exchange, subjects of today´s current reality of Greece and Balkans like immigration, nationalism, and new geographies will be discussed.

Partners: Apartment Project (Istanbul), Nova Melancholia (Athens) & ABOUT: - Counting Art (Athens) Re-location project-workshop, about:, Athens:

Yota Ioannidou: