2016 ~ Sunday March 20 ~ Roaming Assembly # 4 ~ FAILURE TO TRANSMIT: ‘Untransmittable form in the perpetual tension of the paradox’, talk by Antke Engel

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Untransmittable form in the perpetual tension of the paradox

by Antke Engel

The most concrete untransmittable form for Engel is the paradox. And, luckily, the notion „untransmittable form“ is a paradox in itself. Either it is untransmittable, then it cannot be form. Or it is form, then it cannot be untransmittable. Formulated like this, it is a contradiction. Yet, if we claim that that nevertheless, there is something like untransmittable form, then this must be a paradox.

Antke Engel presented the paradox as a dynamic, anti-identitarian, and agonistic mode of tension. Yet, it is not a linear tension, extending between two poles, but a circular tension of ‘reconciled irreconcilability.’ The particular dynamic resulting from this constellation is what forms or is forming (a verb, rather than a noun), without turning “transmittable”.

Roaming Assembly#4 - FAILURE TO TRANSMIT