2016 ~ Sunday March 20 ~ Roaming Assembly # 4 ~ FAILURE TO TRANSMIT: ‘Queering Pushkin’, talk by Anna Daučíková

| tag: Arnhem

Queering Pushkin

by Anna Daučíková

What can really be transmitted and how may this look when a “Former Easterner” is speaking?

In our “Central European” debates, the West and East is not a question anymore. It seems it was put ad acta when someone named it Former East and Former West. But the questionable transmitting goes on. What exactly remains inexplicable in the constant “Brownian motion” of forms, ideas and images? Instead of vast geo/bio/political perspectives, we could take a look at an easy case of the un/transmittable: The “Let´s have a cup of tea!” situation.

Roaming Assembly#4 - FAILURE TO TRANSMIT