May-June: Mercedes Azpilicueta (DAI 2013) presents her work at SlyZmud gallery, arteBA and at Juliette Jongma gallery,

Mercedes Azpilicueta presents her work in solo & group shows in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam: 

Geometric Dancer Doesn’t Believe in Love, Finds Aspiration and Ecstasy in Spirals, solo show at SlyZmud gallery. Opening 13 May 2016 at 19:00 hrs.

The title of Mercedes Azpilicueta’s installation refers to the writings of Valentine de Saint-Point (1875–1953), an artist, dancer, poet, and activist, and the only French woman to take part in the Italian Futurist movement.


Bonpland 721

1414  Buenos Aires


Un Mundo Raro, 2015, performance at SOLO PROJECTS ZURICH – arteBA with Mirta Demare gallery, curated by Manuel Segade. 19 - 22 May 2016

Un Mundo Raro (A Rare World) is a work inspired in a song by Chavela Vargas (Costa Rican born Mexican singer, 1919-2012) commonly known as “the rough voice of tenderness”. Vargas’ performances were emotionally touching and brought light in the attempt to inspect what constitutes the nature of humanity and how we construct our individuality. What makes us humans? What is the body capable of doing? How much of its behavior is innate and how much of it is constructed?

arteBA fair

La Rural

Blue and Green Pavilions

2704 Sarmiento Avenue, Buenos Aires


These shapes remind me of you, group exhibition curated by Juliaan Andeweg at Juliette Jongma, gallery, Amsterdam. 14 May-25 June, 2016

These shapes remind me of you is a group exhibition emphasising the relationship between form and emotion. Structured according to a curatorial methodology rooted in associative behaviour, the exhibition interweaves geometric abstract formalism with a personal diaristic impulse. Here, symmetry, structure and repetition cross-contaminate with the girly, the goth and the poetic. A string of sentimental and aesthetic associations lead the viewer through the exhibition, forming unexpected connections between kitsch domesticities, modernist design, voodooism, and anthropologic encounters, as if personally-arranged pre-aggregated Amazon suggestions.

Juliette Jongma

Gerard Doustraat 128a

1073 VX Amsterdam