2016 June 3, 4, 5 ~ DAI ROAMING ON/OFF SONSBEEK'16 - our three day fringe program

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The river of my village is freer and greater (Fernando Pessoa)

Dear colleagues, 

Greetings from a small Western European town along an offshoot of the river Rhine, one where it feels good to land these days and to re-unite with colleagues and friends from Jakarta. Do come and join us (if you can) for an absolutely unprecedented art festival, identifying itself under the overriding title 'transACTION'. It is curated by ruangrupa, energetic collective of nearly forty up and coming, artists, curators, designers, activists, filmmakers and musicians from Indonesia and their 11th edition of the notorious Sonsbeek exhibition series will mark a decisive shift in direction and focus. 

From the part of DAI we warmly welcome you to our fringe program during the three SONSBEEK'16 transACTION opening days (Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5). Of course we do realize that SONSBEEK'16 dwellers will be up to their eyeballs in all things transACTION, but we nevertheless hope that in between parades and press conferences you might be tempted to join us for a quieter drink and focussed conversation, at various locations in the park (including our temporary campsite), the ruru huis or at the DAI, where we will be presenting research outcomes in the form of printed matter, exhibition, performances, walks, installations, videos, a game, a website and discussions. June 5 we will team up with SONSBEEK'16 and ruangrupa for an experiential symposium with emerging artists, musicians,  curators and cultural activists, researchers and writers from around the globe. 

See you in Arnhem. 


Gabriëlle Schleijpen & DAI-teamstudents & tutors

Scroll through our three day PUBLIC program below - if you wish to see it integrated with our 'private' classes, workshops, seminars and meals, taking place in Arnhem from June 1 - 8 please click DAI BULLETIN 9

Our DAI-SONSBEEK'16 map and the addresses of the different places were we will hang out are to be found at the bottom of this newsletter.


Friday June 3

fri 3 ~ 11.00 - 12.30 at the DAI 

Launch "Between and Beyond – A Posthuman Bestiary"

Open! COOP Academy Publishing Class will launch a printed publication, an offshoot of the research group Between Animals or Beyond Being Human.

Between and Beyond is a joint project with image and text submissions of students and tutors, and designed by Open! designer Niels Schrader. During the launch at DAI, Kortestraat 27 each ‘animal’ wil be introduced by its creator in a lecture /performance-miniature. 

fri 3 ~ 18:00 - 20:00 at the DAI

Drinks & opening  SONGS FOR A DEAF OX - exhibition with performances, Kortestraat 27.

Curated by Dai Xiyun in the context of the year-long course Non-transmittable Form (conceived and tutored by Ruth Noack and co-tutored by May Adadol Ingawanij, and Tina Gverović) the exhibition denotes nine months of collective research on non-transmitttable form.

fri 3 ~ 19:00  - 20:00 at the DAI

Drinks & opening 'Cooking The New Planet' - a radical dramatic curtain by alumnus Lado Darakhvelidze  

Revisiting old recipes with new ingredients and new chefs, Darakhvelidze’s newly commissioned work (in the window shop of Kortestraat 27), “Cooking the New Planet” juxtaposes historical figures such as Karl Marx and Fyodor Dostoyevsky with their ideological descendents, in this case, Slavoj Žižek and Mikhail Bakhtin, generating tongue-in-cheek imagery of the heritage of leftist ideology.

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fri 3 ~ 20:00 - 20:30 and beyond - Departure point DAI 

Walk from the DAI to the ruru huis: Paths and Spices: Hosting and Guesting in Arnhem.

Ingingo y’ijambo iva mw'ijigo: thinking takes place as we drink together - or so a Rwandan proverb goes.

The evening takes place in the context of the Van Abbe's Co-op Academy Practicing with Institutions, Instituting Practice, led by Nick Aikens with guest tutor Christian Nyampeta. 

Saturday June 4

sat 4 ~ 10:30 - 12:00 at our Camp in the park

“I left my pdf in Bandung” presents a rollicking group conversation with Doreen Mende, Mirwan Andan and participants of the Location Location Location research group of the Roaming Academy (led by Sarah Pierce and Tirdad Zolghadr). Part talk, part game, with an epic ongoing game of Risk. Masters of Ceremony: Sarah Pierce and Zhenia Vasiliev.


sat 4 ~ 13:30 - 15:30 at our Camp in the park

Elegant Gathering in the Apricot Garden: a round table session with the Associate PHD Research Collective. Looking back at the APRC's gatherings in 2015-2016 and forward to a re-newed format we will ask: what kind of quintessential DAI Associate (PHD) Research Collective would you care to join in the near future ?  

We welcome you to share questions, thoughts, knowledges and interests. 

sat 4 ~ 16:00 - 17:00 at the DAI

Songs for a Deaf Ox - CONTINUATION exhibition of two days & performances by the participants in the Non-transmittable Form research group of the Roaming Academy.

 sat 4 ~ 15:00 - 21:00 at the Steile Tuin Tent

On Un/Common Ground ~ INLAND Nederland Gathering

Convened by artist Fernando García-Dory, a collaboration between INLAND, Casco, and DAI.

18:00 - 20:00

INLAND Class (DAI- students, Sanne Oorthuizen and  Fernando García-Dory) collective artistic contribution

20:00 - 21:00

DAI ~ INLAND ~ Dinner 

with BOOK LAUNCH ~ INLAND Volume: Publishing Class V

+ ongoing Individual projects by INLAND Class participants 

( dinner upon reservation only if you are not part of the DAI or INLAND gang!)

Sunday June 5


sun 5 ~ 9:00 - 11:00 where: meeting point at the entrance of our Camp 

The Roaming Academy group, ACTION UNITES, WORDS DIVIDE (ON PRAXIS, AN UNSTATED THEORY) will hold an open class, which will feature a lecture written by the core tutor, artist Jon Mikel Euba, and a presentation of ongoing exercises on scores, notations, translation, literalness and equivalences which the group have been engaged with across the academic year, and at a regular morning rhythm during the DAI’s stay at Park Sonsbeek. The course will be concluded by a public moment presented sometime within the hour prior to, and within the proximity of, the DAI’s Roaming Assembly#6.

sun 5 ~ 13.30 - 19:30 Reception at Richard Bell's Embassy tent-installation at Park Sonsbeek in Arnhem. The symposium itself will take place at the Witte Villa (White Villa) at one minute distance from the Embassy. Richard Bell's Embassy Tent installation 

DAI & SONSBEEK ’16:transACTION present

ROAMING ASSEMBLY #6 intraACTION: transcolonialism

a public symposium, co-curated between Mirwan Andan (ruangrupa, curator SONSBEEK ’16: transACTION) & Hypatia Vourloumis (guest-curator DAI).

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Tune in with our program and find us here: 

Camp: Dai's temporary encampement in

the private garden of Sonsbeek Park's

ranger Jeroen Glissenaar ( around his

house, here to be seen in the distance,

from within the Steile Tuin).

Steile Tuin Tent: very close to our camp-

site (in the park ranger's garden) in Park


Richard Bell's Tent installation

(soon to arrive in Park Sonsbeek)

ruru huis (Looierstraat 23, Arnhem)

DAI (Kortestraat 27, Arnhem)



DAI wishes to thank all at 

for friendship & sharing. Special thanks

to park ranger Jeroen Glissenaar (the one with the hat)

and his family for their INCREDIBLE GENEROSITY.