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The Meal Machine is a project by  Doris Denekamp.

The first HARVESTING/PREPARING/EATING session of the Meal Machine in Casco's Grand Domestic Revolution apartment takes place Saturday 28 May 2011 / 13.00-17.00h

You are invited to bring homegrown crops or products that can be used for our communal meal and/or seeds for the next cycle of the Meal Machine.

During the preparation and the meal Doris would like to discuss with you how the Meal Machine can function more effective. The growing of the crops is for the largest part automated, but who is doing the harvesting? Can the Meal Machine, which is growing out of the bedroom of the GDR apartment, be a more public body which the neighbours can use to produce crops? How can we deal with the domestic labour from gardening to harvesting within the very immediate condition of the GDR apartment?

Grand Domestic Revolution apartment, Bemuurde Weerd o.z. 18b, 3514 AN Utrecht,

The Meal Machine session takes place during the town meeting AVANT GARDEN. See the full program at:

TYI: Doris Denekamp is an alumna of the DAI