Argument Vertoningsruimte & Duende / Into Thin Air / Suzanne van Rest (DAI,2009)

| tags: Tilburg, Rotterdam

Suzanne van Rest wraps up her working period at Argument with an installation that makes use of the whole space.

However, is it truly an installation we are looking at? At the roof-window in the back there is a scene that, at first sight looks classical, an iceberg or mountaintop that plays with the light falling in. However, on second look it appears to be a familiar or classical scene, but from up close it concerns something else. The other objects in the room look like they are connected to the sculpture and tell a story together. Or is this not the case and are they separate works? This installation gently frustrates your expectations of what you see, to provoke us into considering our moment-by-moment reality more deeply.

Into Thin Air will return in a different way in an exhibition at Duende Studios Rotterdam, where Suzanne is artist in residence at the moment.

Opening Sunday, May 29, 3PM

Argument Vertoningsruimte, Korte Schijfstraat 17, 5038 SV Tilburg,

Suzanne van Rest:

Suzanne van Rest is an alumna of the DAI