M4gastatelier/ Tetterode: Residences as Learning Environments ~ An afternoon with Angela Serino, Marianna Maruyama (DAI 2014) and Laura Wiedijk. May 6th 16:00-18:30 

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Several definitions have been used in the last few years to describe the value of artists’ residences and to identify their specific function in the attempt to understand where they stand as new institutions in the art field. During the International Meeting of Residences held last year in Milan, we proposed to look at residences as learning environments and at the residence period as a catalyst for processes of collective and personal (self-)development. If residences really are learning environments, who learns from whom? What and how do we learn? And how can we describe this knowledge?

The recently published booklet that will be presented here collects contributions on such topics by directors and curators of residency programs coming from Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Azerbaijan.

The afternoon starts with a short introduction by Marianna Maruyama. Angela Serino will highlight the main questions underlining the project and some of the main positions in response to the questions.
Artist Laura Wiedijk will close the afternoon with a sketch of what simultaneous learning tracks and multiple timelines in a residence may look like.

Come and join us at Tetterode for an afternoon with texts, images, maps and drinks to share, and get inspired by new threads of thought.

Please sign up if possible by writing to: m4gastatelier@xs4all.nl


The projection room at the ground floor of Tetterode will be used for this event. Entrance is on the side of Bilderdijkstraat 165 B