Imogen Stidworthy invites you to current shows in London and Edinburgh

| tags: London, Edinburgh

Dear Friends, 

If you are in London please come and see the exhibition 'This is a Voice' which opens next week at the Wellcome Collection and runs until 31st July. I'm showing a number of works including a new installation, Castrato, which involves the three voices that have been used to digitally simulate the lost voice of the castrato, a highly ambiguous voice which confounds boundaries of gender and place. 

In the upstairs gallery at the Wellcome Collection the exhibition 'States of Mind' is still up until 24th April, it includes my installation 'The Whisper Heard'.

From anywhere and anytime I'd also like to invite you to listen to a new binaural sound piece (for headphones only), An Introduction to Bliss for Two Voices with Chorus commissioned by Concreta magazine for their online platform. A text about the piece comes up if you click the '+' sign on top left of the webpage.

Finally, if you're in Edinburgh in the coming weeks you can still see British Art Show 8 at Modern One (The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, until May 8th), where I'm showing my installation A Crack in the Light (2013).


Warm wishes,

Imogen Stidworthy