Wednesday 13 ~ Charlie Dance (DAI, 2015) presents triple publication launch at Good Press Gallery in Glasgow

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17:00-20:00 hrs


It’s a Big Night

A Book of Snow

A Book of Horse

A Book of Magic

Triple publication launch, Charlie Dance


Charlie Dance presents a series of three new unbound publications. These are the result of a period of reading, research and thinking based on and around the novel Torpor by Chris Kraus, the works of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson, and the Goon Show, a comedy radio production.

The publications are presented unbound, allowing each page to act independently, and as part of the larger group within which it is collected.  In a similar way each collection is independent, but there are relationships and interactions operating between them, hence their simultaneous launch.



5 St. Margaret's Place

G1 5JY Glasgow