2016 ~ Sunday February 14 ~ Roaming Assembly # 3 ~ TIME RELEASE: Work and Measure In and Out of Performing ~ ‘Murmur Nation: De-colonial Paralinguistic Praxes’, presentation by Hypatia Vourloumis

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Murmur Nation: De-colonial Paralinguistic Praxes                                                                         by Hypatia Vourloumis

This presentation thinks through decolonizing practices of paralanguage in historical and contemporary Indonesian cultural production and performance. By way of this archipelagic nation-state’s particular relationship to the performance of postcolonial language and subject formation as determining sovereign political project/ion we will consider questions regarding measurement, value and movement; affect and materiality; performativity and its excesses; sound and gesture; poetics and politics. We will engage with the work of both Sylvia Wynter on ‘being human as praxis’ and Karen Barad’s notion of ‘posthumanist performativity’ alongside the generative errant performances of Indonesian band Senyawa and Sutardji’s poetry.