Opening April 15: The Hague Peace Projects shows The Survivors - an exhibition project initiated by Bassem Alkhouri (DAI, 2005) around the drawings of Taim Safar, an eleven year old Syrian boy.

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The Survivors is an art exhibition organised by The Hague Peace Projects which will take place from April 15 to May 4 in Atrium City Hall Den Haag. The art project will challenge and confront a large and varied public to consider the daily reality of the lives of Syrian refugees. 16 artists get the assignment to react on the drawings of a Syrian boy of 11 years old; Taim Safar. They make their own, new work. It shows that something as simple as a drawing of a child can lead to such a unique and innovative art project.

The drawings are collected by the Syrian artist Bassem Alkhouri, a close friend of Taims family.
Bassam is the initiator of the “The Survivors” project and proposed to develop it together with The Hague Peace Projects.
The artists will give their own artistic interpretation on these drawings, all of which will be exhibited in April 2016 in the Atrium, The Hague. During this exhibition the public will become aware of Taims’ story and the 16 reactions to it. The project will give new perspectives on the Syrian civil war and the lives of ordinary refugees.

The artists in this project are: Saskia Burggraaf, Eva Murakeozy, Rik Smits, Airco Caravan, Wouter Willebrands, Leonard van de Ven, Albert Zwaan, Malou Cohen, Hanna de Haan, Helen Hintjens, Rutger van der Tas, Jakob de Jonge, Suzanne Somer, Robert Roelink, Alexandra Arshanskaya and Bassam Alkhouri.

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Place: Atrium City Hall, Spui 70, Den Haag
Opening: April 15, 16:30
End: May 4

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