Deltaworkers first event for 2016 entails a finissage exhibition by resident artist Oliver Bulas: We Could Dance in Circles Around the Campfire by Night, Disappearing as Fume Into a Distant Day

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Traveling into the Future; If we leave the earth in a spaceship traveling close to light speed and we return after a duration of travel, then a longer period of time will go by on earth than on the ship. The cause for this phenomenon is time dilatation, which occurs at high speeds of this kind according to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Essentially, we could reach any distant future on earth in an arbitrary short amount of traveling time with sufficient traveling speed and acceleration. If we use an acceleration that is suitable for humans, than we will need a traveling time of over a year (from the perspective of a spaceship crew) to achieve a time shift of years.

Access to the exhibition is limited to 1 visitor at a time.
Please schedule an appointment between 12 and 6pm Thank you.

Oliver Bulas (Shanghai 1973) creates ‘constructed situations’ in which the visitor immerses. He uses performance and prefers to work in the public space. He is wondering if the public space is a place where differences clash and are negotiated. A place where maybe a short flash of social space can incidentally shine up as a utopian moment. His work is a continuing investigation into what constitutes the social and the public spaces in our capitalist times in which everything is exchangeable.He previously exhibited at Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, Yvon Lambert Gallery in N.Y.C and Swell Gallery in San Fransisco.

Tuesday March 29th from 12PM to 6PM
134 Carondelet St. New Orleans

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Deltaworkers (founders: Joris Lindhout & Maaike Gouwenberg) is a nomadic artistic production and residence program that investigates the southern states of the U.S. as one of the last mythical places in the West.

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