Elske Hageraats

Elske Hageraats is the coordinator of Stichting Boerengroep  (Farmers Foundation). Since 1971, Boerengroep aims to connect the university with the reality and challenges of farmers and peasants and to stimulate students - the future researchers and policy makers -  to develop a critical view on the food production chain. Currently the group consists out of 14 international students from all over Europe, Africa and Latin America. They work closely together with the Rural Sociology Group (RSO) and Farming Systems Ecology (FSE) chairgroups, as well as with peasant movements and political activists, organising excusions, debates, symposia and an international summer course on agroecology in practice - organised by students themselves (more info: website). 

Besides Boerengroep, Elske is also involved in Toekomstboeren, a group of 'future farmers' who inpspire young people to start working the land again, and she is working in organic garden 'de Ommuurde Tuin'.

Elske Hageraats at the DAI:

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