MMKA / REBELLE / art and feminism / Opening performances by by Nezaket Ekici and Teresa Diaz Nerio (DAI,2009)

| tag: Arnhem

(exhibition, performances, artist talks, film and videos)

Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem,

Opening: Saturday 30 May 16:00-19:00

Opening by Hedy D'Ancona and Hester Macrander

"While the topic of art and feminism has both its champions and its critics, all agree on one thing: feminism has permanently changed the artistic landscape. Providing an extensive survey of the work of eighty-eight female artists organized by the Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Arnhem it juxtaposes works by different generations of artists. Among the artists are Carolee Schneemann, Adrian Piper, Annette Messager, Valie Export, Marlene Dumas, Barbara Kruger, Elke Krystufek, Nancy Spero, Hannah Wilke, Maria Roosen, Monica Bonvicini, Gina Pane and many others".