June 18 - 25 ~ Call for applications: Learning Plays - A School of Schools ~ A meeting of alternative academies, schools and universities in the frame of Impulse Theater Festivals

10.03.16 | tag: Mülheim


‘Learning Plays’ is a school of schools: Four artist-initiated platforms for knowledge production and exchange move to Mülheim/Ruhr for one week. Instead of trying to invent yet another methodology for yet another summer academy, ‘Learning Plays – A School of Schools’ brings together four exemplary initiatives to share their practice by practical means. What are the opportunities and obligations facing art, artists, activism, theory and theatre in these increasingly dramatic times? What are the organic intellectual practices which are being lived?

‘Learning Plays’ situates itself in the context of alternative educational approaches – ranging from the youth and reform movements of the 1910s and Paulo Freire’s concepts of critical pedagogy from the 1970s to Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s current approach articulated in Aesthetic Education – while also referencing Brecht’s Lehrstück-theory: the idea of a theatre with no division between audience and actors, an agonistic group situation focussed on learning how to understand and act within political reality. All four of the invited initiatives have developed their own very different performing models of knowledge production and transfer while at the same time being deeply engaged in struggling with contemporary political realities.

While the Silent University will involve refugees and migrants from the region in different formats, the School of Engaged Art, PAF – Performing Arts Forum and Vierte Welt are each open to students, young professionals and anyone else with an interest in collaborative working situations. Participants may take part in one of the groups only. However, a series of exchanges and open programmes will enable all the participants to get to know and be involved with those in other groups. The four workshops will run concurrently for 6 days and be followed by a one-day conference. Participation in ‘Learning Plays’ is therefore only possible for the full duration of the project (arrival on 18/06, departure on 26/06 after the final conference).

With Chto Delat – School of Engaged Art (St. Petersburg); PAF – Performing Arts Forum (St. Erme); The Silent University (Athens, Amman, Hamburg, London, Mülheim, Stockholm) & Vierte Welt Kollaborationen (Berlin)

Application deadline: April 10th 2016

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