Expodium calls for your particiation in "UNMAKING: Subverting The Everyday" ~ at UNIDEE (University of Ideas, Cittadellarte)

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Expodium will be hosting a 5-day course/module at UNIDEE - University of Ideas (Italy) from the 18th till the 22nd of April. The module will revolve around thoughts and ideas emerged from their Unmaking The Netherlands program. 
Call for participation is open now! Click here to apply.

"Put in a socio-political frame, ‘unmaking’ suggests models of subverting existing patterns of perceiving and intervening in the society/ world. While the everyday neoliberal ethos cultivates notions of apathy, disconnect and false autonomy, ‘unmaking’ exists as a path towards a counter narrative for enhancing empathy, co-dependency, co-operation and co-existence.
This module proposes a look on rather ‘dimmed’ processes of acting on ‘unmaking’; processes deployed in the basis of our every day encounters. They are inclusive, informal, discursive and hands-on actions, centered around (permanent and temporal) small-scale ecosystems."

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Expodium collective consists of Nikos Doulos (DAI 2008), Friso Wiersum and Bart Witte.