Thursday March 24: POSITIONS #2 at the Van Abbemuseum ~ Honey on Razor edge ~ the artist Anna Boghiguian in conversation with curator Annie Fletcher.

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The conversation between curator Annie Fletcher and artist Anna Boghiguian will take place at 7.30 p.m at the Van Abbe Museum.

About Positions #2
Positions #2 brings together an ambitious and significant body of works by Anna Boghiguian, Chia-Wei Hsu, Nástio Mosquito and Sarah Pierce. Coming from different regions of the world, these four innovative artists have all come to international prominence over the last few years. They will for the first time show a major part of their oeuvre, including new projects, in the Netherlands. The works are loosely grouped around the thematic of history, testimony and storytelling. Their personal view is deployed in a variety of media: paintings, installations, performances and videos.

About Anna Boghiguian
Anna Boghiguian lives and works in Cairo, Egypt and elsewhere. She is a prolific artist who constantly draws and paints on location using ancient history and contemporary events as a source. Boghiguian’s drawings, objects, poetry and prose operate both as reflections on the geopolitical conditions in which her subjects live, and as documents of the cities through which she travels. Along with drawings and paintings, the exhibition will consist of a series of new displays, including The Salt Traders (which premiered at the Istanbul Biennial 2015), Ani (developed for the Venice Biennial 2015), and a new installation developed at the Van Abbemuseum bringing together her series of Scissors books and paintings.