Warmly recommended to those living in Amsterdam: A Philosopher with no Image ~ Film screening "Simondon of the Desert" followed by Q&A ~ February 24, 2016 organized by NICA

19.02.16 | tag: Amsterdam

This evening dedicated to Simondon will not only be an opportunity to introduce his thinking and his concepts to an audience, but also to shed light on the significance and resonance that his work has in many facets of our contemporary culture. The film Simondon of the Desert (2012, 110 min.) will be screened for the first time in the Netherlands, in the presence of filmmaker François Lagarde and philosopher Pascal Chabot.

French philosopher of technology Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989) is perhaps most well known for his creation of a set of concepts in the 1960s that describe our modern world and that, at the time, illustrated a vision of a growing alliance between technology and nature.

Throughout his life, Simondon was studied by some prominent thinkers (among them Gilles Deleuze) but still his singular philosophy remained rather unacknowledged. Since then, however, his work has been widely circulated around the globe, and has even gone beyond the field of philosophy, having a great resonance within many disciplines, recently including the fields of media and visual culture.