Launch of A Recent Writing: PAL SKILLS @ Publication Studio Rotterdam, including Isabel Marcos (DAI, 2013) writing about Momu & No Es (DAI, 2013)

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Thursday 4th February, 18:00pm


Friends writing on friends' art. People, words, music, /////FUN.

A Recent Writing formalises existing conversations and ideas that circulate around the artistic practices in our communities. ARWhappens always and is published occasionally, arising from within the activities of artists, writers and editors collaborating in Rotterdam.

PAL SKILLS recognises the proximity of friendship as a condition in which we make and use shared, now languages; ones that permeate the socio-professional composition we are in. Featuring new writing by Isabel Marcos, Kirsty Roberts and Milica Trakilović. Edited by Liz Allan and Micha Zweifel.


LICK THE ROAD, CLAW THE TAR by Isabel Marcos on the video installation and performance Highway by art duo Momu & No Es.

GRINNING MACHINES AND A CLOSEMOUTHED GROWL by Kirsty Roberts on the collaborative work of Toon Fibbe and Laura Wiedijk.

I'VE BEEN PLAYING MYSELF, BABY I DON'T CARE by Milica Trakilović on the long-duration performance SERFBORT of Dennis Van Vreden.

The publication can be purchased at the launch.


Publication Studio Rotterdam @ Het Nieuwe Instituut

Museumpark 25