13 January: Eduardo Cachucho (DAI, 2015) ~ Screening of "Flatland" at Les Rencontres Internationales.

11.01.16 | tag: Paris
Eduardo Cachucho has been selected to show Flatland (his year 1 research project at DAI) at the Rencontres Internationales in Paris. 
Hendrik Verwoerd in an experiment he carried out in the 1930’s named ‘A Method for the Experimental Production of Emotions’ uses various combinations of colours and symbols to elicit in his test subjects various emotions. Verwoerd studied as a psychologist before ever entering into politics, even achieving a doctorate magna cum laude.

His highly mediatic experiment goes on to succeed in its ambitions in creating: “compassion, shame, embarrassment, malicious joy, anger and vexation.”
Flatland emerges from research into this experiment and how its outcomes could be overlaid onto the propaganda and media manipulation during the apartheid regime.

Flatland takes the audience throught a performance-lecture that traverses the research into the psychological experiments while overlaying juxtaposing them onto South Africa’s past and present.
Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2016 (12-17 Jan 2016 – Paris, GAÎTÉ LYRIQUE). Part of the programme “Anti-cliché”.