2016 ~ Sunday January 10 in Arnhem: MONOTOPIA ~ ROAMING ASSEMBLY #2, a conference curated & presented by Sarah Pierce and Tirdad Zolghadr

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(invitation in Dutch)


January 10, 2015 ~ 14:00 till 19:00 ~ free admission ~ location: Showroom Arnhem, Kleine Oord 177 in Arnhem (at one minute walking distance from the DAI's premises).


Curated and presented by Sarah Pierce and Tirdad Zolghadr, MONOTOPIA features lectures by Keller Easterling, Annie Fletcher, Suhail Malik and Tirdad Zolghadr and allows for distinct takes on the possibility of 'location' in contemporary art. 

When our attentions are divided and focus becomes generalised (as is arguably the case in art), is this a condition that we can possibly counter by adding yet another region to a list of geographic “concerns”? 

Or is divided attention precisely our ethical stance — a way of destabilising the tired calls from the centre to the margin, and instead adding to the intensity (and density) of other, parallel projects that take place on location ?

We rarely see ourselves as historic subjects — but thirty years of neoliberalism and free market forces have changed us, we, citizens of the world who function in the global ecologies of a so-called contemporary moment.

To be global is to be flexible, open to new places, and able to freely engage in territories flung far and wide.

What would it mean to fail in this system? 


14:00 Welcome by DAI-director Gabriëlle Schleijpen

14:10 Attention! Attention! ~ introduction to the conference by Sarah Pierce, artist and tutor at both DAI and the Dublin Institute of Technology. 

14:30 Where is Contemporary Art? ~ Key-note lecture by author and Co-Director of the MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths in London Suhail Malik 

"..localism binds and destroys deracination, and deracination upends and destroys localism.."

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16:00 short break 

16:15 Extrastatecraft ~ A remote lecture by architect, writer and professor at Yale University Keller Easterling

"Extrastatecraft will change the way we think about urban spaces – and how we live in them".

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17:00 Museum Study for East Jerusalem ~ by Annie Fletcher, Chief Curator at the Van Abbemuseum

"...how can transnational partnerships support meaningful sites of dissent and self-determination?" 

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17:45 The 5th Riwaq Biennale in Palestine ~ by curator, writer and tutor at DAI, Tirdad Zolghadr

"it’s a biennale that comes with an agenda."

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Followed by discussion, drinks, snacks & tai-chi exercises offered by the DAI 


After the event, around 19:00, a dinner (prepared by our amazing vegan chef Mari Pitkänen) will be served at the DAI's cantina, Kortestraat 27. Costs for visitors: € 10 for food & wine. If you wish to join us you are welcome to make a reservation at dutchartinstitute@artez.nl (closing date January 7).