BRUCH & DALLAS present FAZ QUE VAI (SET TO GO) by WAGNER / DE BÚRCA ~ Bárbara Wagner (DAI, 2011) and Benjamin de Búrca. Till 12.12.2015

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„FAZ QUE VAI (SET TO GO) is a video-essay in four acts, each of them being performed by a professional dancer of Frevo, a typical dance form performed during carnival in Pernambuco, Brazil. Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Búrca invited these individuals to interpret Frevo steps through other dances they practice during the rest of the year, and a resulting fusion of Frevo with Funk, Swingueira, Electro-pop and Vogue is enacted for the camera through distinct choreographic variations, operating gestural articulations unforeseen in the social space of each rhythm.“

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