Irwan Ahmett

Irwan Ahmett is an artist based in Jakarta who uses art to illuminate social issues and question the nature of human interactions. He writes of his interactive urban interventions, “I often make social campaigns independently, through communicative strategy and a playful visual arts approach. As with fun activities, art would be able to touch the emotions especially when it is able to engage the public directly into the creative process so that it could provide a real experience”. Irwan often works together with his partner, Tita Salina. Their works have been exhibited within Indonesia and throughout Europe and Asia. They have participated in projects and artist residences in Indonesia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Poland, USA, and Germany. Both artists live and work in Jakarta, Indonesia where they design projects that focus on social issues in the local area. Ahmett is currently part of the Yogyakarta Biennial, where he presents a work in which he explores a historical, 17th century trade agreement between the VOC and the Mataram Kingdom of Solo and Yogyakarta, an agreement that still persists in many ways today.