Why Is My Curriculum White?; Eurocentrism, Racism & Knowledge; Gender Politics, Race and Migration and #BlackLivesMatter on campus: Saturday, 24th October 2015: Decolonize the University ~ conference at the VU ( Vrije Universiteit)

15.10.15 | tag: Amsterdam

12:00 pm - 5.30 pm

Has the university ever made you feel like the world was not made for you? Ever wondered about how to tackle imperialist capitalist cis- heteronormative white supremacist ableist elitist patriarchy, starting at the university and knowledge production? Come and join us at the Decolonizing the University conference to start a conversation about these questions and engage with other student and scholar activists during their workshops on challenging the master’s narrative and on how to start a student movement.



Adam Elliott-Cooper (UK) on the student campaigns Dismantling the Master’s House/Why is My Curriculum White? He will discuss the student movement in the UK, and on how to address ’(dismantling) the master’s house’ in universities.
Adam Elliot-Cooper is student and activist. He works at the philosophy department at UCL and is a PhD student at the University of Oxford. Elliott-Cooper has worked for a number of black grassroots organisations, and researched how black communities in the UK are organising to defend themselves from the police.

Marta Araujo (Portugal) on insights of her recentily published book ‘Eurocentrim, Racism and Knowledge’. She will discuss the effects of Eurocentrim on society.
Marta Araujo is Senior Reseacher at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal and Guest Lecturer at the Black Europe School in Amsterdam. Her research interests centre on the (re)production and challenging of racism and Eurocentrism, in two complementary lines of research: race/power, history and textbooks & public policy, education, anti-racist and decolonial struggles.

Tanti Noor Said & Neldy Firdaus (the Netherlands & Indonesia) on Gender Politics, Race and Migration; Indonesian gay and transgender migrants in Northern Europe. They will focus on subjectivity of Indonesian non-heteronormative migrants, a product of gendering and sexuality, but also a respond to dominant society’s demands and expectations of thier families back in Indonesia. They will shed light on how gender and sexual identity is unstable and dynamic trajectory operates as dialogue between mainstream idea and self.
Tanti Noor Said is an independent researcher and activist. She studied Cultural Anthropology at University of Indonesia and University of Amsterdam. Her research focus on migration, race, social class and gender diversity.
Neldy Firdaus is an Indonesian migrant. She migrated to the Netherlands at 2004. She will share her experience as a migrant and a person whose gender do not conformed with the gender norm of society.

Derecka Purnell & Nyle Fort (US) are Black Lives Matter activists and political organizers in Ferguson, also engaging in curricular changes via student organizations, action/media campaigns, building coalitions, and tricking the administration into problem solving.
Derecka Purnell is Harvard Law student and co-founder of the Young Citizens Council of St. Louis, which seeks to build community and hope amidst the tragic shooting of Michael Brown. She leads actions on campus, including library shut-downs, classroom walk-outs, and silent demonstrations. She also recruited students for legal observing during Black lives matter protests in Boston, Baltimore, and St. Louis.
Nyle Fort is a minister and Ph.D student in Religion and African-American studies at Princeton University. His work lies at the intersection of education, transformative justice, and youth development. He supported local protests in Ferguon, to build the Movement for Black Live. In addition, he created “Seven Last Words, Strange Fruit Speaks”, a liturgy commemorating the last words of black people killed by police or vigilantes.