2015: Student Led: The Garden Shed / Not The Workshop

tag: Arnhem

"For our will for sharing and showing researches to one another, our need to feel more confident to take risks, the stakes of the lecture-performance format, the training of voice and body attitudes on stage and… and a want to break free, The Garden Shed is open !

Relevant to the model of the famous DAI presentations moment "The Kitchen / Not the Restaurant", "The Garden Shed not the Workshop" is a particular working space based on intimacy and criticality, organized only for and by the students.
By groups of 5 people, each participant shares a material, an experimentation of a format, an exercise of discourse, a performance draft for 7 to 10 min and the rest of the group directly discusses and reacts on the proposal during 15/20 min.
When: DAI-week Saturday late afternoon (timetable to be precised)."

Duration: 2hours

Initiated by Jammie Nicholas (DAI, 2016)