2015 - 2016 The Kitchen / Not The Restaurant

tags: Jakarta, Arnhem

Framework & referee: Gabriëlle Schleijpen

Coaches: Yael Davids, Natasha Ginwala, Rebecca Sakoun, Arnisa ZeqoVivian Ziherl

Students: all

Respondents: Mirwan Andan, Ute Meta Bauer, Mary Ellen CarrollJeuno JE Kim, Patricia ReedAdrian Rifkin, Cara TolmieHypatia Vourloumis and Inigo Wilkins.


“Orality…is inseparable from the body in movement.”
 — Edouard Glissant

Every DAI week, one full day is dedicated to lectures and lecture-performances (recognized here as a longstanding unique discipline, a hybrid of research, lecture, visual art and performative narrative techniques) by 7-8 students. The specific DAI-format for this important 'free space' for the exchange of the student's independent research updates, proposals, experiments and interests, has been coined in 2003 and molded and sculpted ever since.
For the duration of twenty uninterrupted minutes each student is invited to 'speak' to an audience consisting of their fellow students, two monthly changing guest respondents (invited artists, theoreticians, curators) and a coach especially appointed to provide the presenters with guidance during a follow-up trajectory.

Beginning their presentation with a carefully crafted key question addressing both guests, the student presents relevant aspects of her praxis / works in process / reference sets, rather than finished works, although, if needed, the screening of a work or the presentation of a 'performance as work' can certainly be considered, just as well as a formal paper (if not boring). Other than the limits of the given time and space frame there are actually no restrictions to the content and the format of the presentation. Following each presentation, in a conversational mode, the two invited respondents try to come up with an improvised, spoken reflection while simultanuously engaging with the question. The day-long event is gently guided by DAI-director Gabriëlle Schleijpen. 

Each student will be aligned with a coach: this experienced artist/curator/researcher/public speaker/performer attends all 8 presentations scheduled on one day and presents each student with precise feed back during an individual skype meeting.  Extensive 'work-out sessions' led by the five coaches on June 6 & 7 will offer the students guidance towards the final presentations in July.

July 11-15, 2016 the DAI organizes a week long 'marathon' where all students, in the presence of core tutors and invited guest respondents will present a final research update or perform or screen a work (again, within the limits of the set framework of time and space). Although final assessments will be based on several equally important curriculum components the Kitchen-presentations in July will function as the conclusion to the overall learning trajectory of the student in the past one or two years at the DAI. The presentations of the second year students will also be live-streamed, documented and later on (partly) published at the Alumni Embassy on this website. 

Schedule 2015-2016

Session 1: November 15 in the Soebardjo house in Jakarta.

Guest respondents: Mirwan Andan & Ute Meta Bauer

Coach: Vivian Ziherl.

Time line

11:30 Welcome by Mrs. Pujiwati Insia Soebardjo Effendi & DAI-director Gabriëlle Schleijpen

12:00 Helen Zeru Araya 

12:40 Mirjam Linschooten 

13:20 Peter Kristinn 

14:00 LUNCH

15:00 Avan Omar Muhammad 

15:40 Astarti Athanasiadou

16:20 Pilar Mata Dupont

17:00 short break

17:20 Wei Hu 

18:00 Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos  


Session 2: January 11 in Arnhem.

Guest respondents: Jeuno JE Kim & Adrian Rifkin

Coach: Rebecca Sakoun

Time line

10:10 Valentina Miorandi

10.50 Miguel Ángel Rego Robles

11.30 Adam Uriel Ruff

12.10 Isabelle Sully

13.00 LUNCH

14.00 Giulia Crispiani

14.40 David Bergé

15.10 TEA BREAK 

15.30 Despina Sevasti

16.10 Joy M. Smith


Session 3: February 15 in Arnhem.

Guest respondents: Hypatia Vourloumis & Cara Tolmie

Coach: Natasha Ginwala

Time line

10.45 welcome Gabriëlle Schleijpen

10:50 Mathilde Sauzet

11.30 Jammie Nicholas

12.10 Maja Renn

13.00 LUNCH

14.00 Ilan Manouach 

14.40 larose


15.30 Florencia Almiron

16.10 Wayne Wang-Jie Lim

16.50 Sebastian De Line

17.30 End of session


Session 4: March 21 in Arnhem

Guest respondent: Mary Ellen Carroll

Coach: Yael Davids

Time line:

10.10  Martha Jager

10:50 Sergi Selvas

11:30 Flora Woudstra

12:10 Nika Timashakova  

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Malcolm Kratz

14:40 Hannah Kindler

15:10 tea break

15:30 Dai Xiyun

16:10 Joost Mellink

16:50 Melissa Tun Tun


Session 5: May 2 in Arnhem.

Guest respondents: Patricia Reed, Inigo Wilkins

Coach: Arnisa Zeqo 

Time line:

10:10 Katja den Dulk

10:50 Valentina Curandi

11:30 Maike Hemmers

13:00 lunch

14:00 Dimitra Kondylatu

14:40 Zhenia Vasiliev

15:10 tea break

15:30 Sonia Kazovsky

16:10 Peter Kristinn