Casco Case Study #3: Dimitra’s Garden by COBRA, a long-term project begun by Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos (DAI,2016) ~ plus UPDATE INLAND CLASS

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From Monday 12 October 2015:

Casco Case Study is an alternating presentation of objects for study that provide insight into Casco’s Composing the Commons program.

Case Study #3 features COBRA, a long-term artistic agricultural project begun by artist Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos during his participation in Publishing Class V: INLAND (described below).

In Casco’s entrance hall vitrine, bottles of olive oil and raki, a stone, oregano, olives, and tea act as “stand-ins” for current social issues around agriculture and the commons in COBRA’s hometown of Saravali, Greece.

Update, INLAND Nederland and INLAND Class (October 2015–July 2016)

Since Fall 2014, Fernando García-Dory has been Casco’s Artist at Work, bringing his socio-ecological project INLAND to us. García-Dory was core tutor for Publishing Class V: INLAND (2014-2015)—a course Casco organizes for Master of Fine Art program the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Arnhem—culminating in a collective volume out December. With Casco INLAND takes root locally via INLAND Nederland wherein “extension agents” conduct fieldwork on rural issues toward a stronger presence in the Netherlands from 2016. INLAND Nederland aligns itself with INLAND Class, our new DAI curriculum!

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