Drifters and alpine guides, Sandrine Nicoletta and Valentina Miorandi (DAI,2016), are delighted to invite you to Non Euclidean Alpine Adventures

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Dear all,

As Drifters and alpine guides, Sandrine Nicoletta and I, are delighted to invite you to Non Euclidean Alpine Adventures, a widespread project inwardly visible, where dialogue is the means to navigate and explore universes and modalities of proceeding, which will take place in Trento and in several other locations around the world and beyond.

Drifters propose a constellation of different locations which travelers can explore through visions, hikes and encounters with alpine guides. Spread out in various parts of the world, these guides belong to the itinerary triggering a reflection about our ways of proceeding and the tools we activate in order to explore what is unknown.

Opening: Saturday 3rd October - 9.30 am to 11.00 pm

The opening day, Saturday, October 3rd, will culminate in a concert/performance in cooperation with the alpine guide Francesco Fuzz Brasini and a galactic closing party.

The expedition consists of places to explore and alpine guides to meet in the following locations:

Boccanera Gallery- exhibition
Hairdresser Salone Ines – installation
University of Literature and Philosophy – research project with Constanza Puente (DAI,2015)
Cableway cabin Trento – Sardagna – installation
Ex-Italcementi – installation
Quartiere Albere - Muse - via Olivetti 1 - party
Trekking with an alpine guide*

Paris – rendez-vous with an alpine guide*
London – trekking with an alpine guide*
Bali – rendez-vous with an alpine guide*
Jakarta – rendez-vous with an alpine guide*
Monte Bianco – installation
Mount Analogue – trekking
Abeona Mons – trip/performance
and in your personal library – portrait/ participatory project**

::::: Every location can be visited randomly until December 5th :::::

Valentina Miorandi

*An alpine guide is a special person we met in out life. The alpine guides offer trekking in a dialogue or hiking form. To book a tour please contact:info@drifters.land
**Upon request Drifters will lead you through a special expedition across your personal library. To book please contact: info@drifters.land