RICHARD LONG, THROWING STONES: EXPANDED SEMINAR at Arnolfini. Contributors include: Joy Sleeman, Alistair Rider, Martine van Kampen, Bryony Gillard (DAI, 2015) & Phil Owen, Adam Rothstein, Ruth Proctor, Marie-Andrée Pellerin (DAI, 2015).

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I just wanted to invite you to Throwing Stones, an expanded seminar at Arnolfini tomorrow (12-7pm).

The event takes Richard Long’s exhibition at Arnolfini as a point of departure to explore a range of interconnected and critical concerns. The seminar will touch on ideas surrounding demarcation of time, visual poetry and landscape, eco-feminism and contemporary approaches to land art.

The line-up is looking extremely exciting and international, there will be talks and presentations from Joy Sleeman (UK), Alistair Rider (UK), Martine Van Kampen (NL) and Adam Rothstein (USA) as well as my colleague, Archivist Phil Owen and I. Artists Marie-Andree Pellerin (CA) and Ruth Proctor (UK) will also present performances.

Alongside this we will be screening several film works that engage with thinking around land art practices, including a new video work from seminal land artist, Marie Yates entitled Distance: On Not Going Home, Nancy Holt’s Breaking Ground: Broken Circle/Spiral Hill, (1971 - 2011) and The Bureau of Inverse Technology's BIT Plane (1999).

In the Light Studio, as part of the Arnolfini Story programme, Marie Yates’ important work, Field Working Number 7 1972 (Sandy Beach Piece) will be installed for the whole weekend. The piece is part of the series The Field Workings 1971-3 which was originally exhibited at Arnolfini in 1973 during Yates' solo exhibition. She was represented by further similar works (now referred to as The Signals Project) which were shown in Artists Over Land at Arnolfini in 1975, along with pieces by Richard Long, Philllippa Ecobichon and Hamish Fulton.

I hope to see you there!


Bryony Gillard
Associate Curator
16 Narrow Quay
Bristol, BS1 4QA