'Be my Guest' curated by Bérénice Staiger with a.o. Patricia Pinheiro de Sousa (DAI, 2011) at Gallery Hommes

| tag: Rotterdam

Marguerite de Geus (NL), Phil Hession (IE), Svetlana Prigoditch (BY), Bérénice Staiger (DE), Patricia Pinheiro de Sousa (PT), Elco Verschoof (NL)

This fall, Gallery Hommes invites Rotterdam-based artist community ‘t Otje to be its guest. All of the artists at ‘t Otje have their roots somewhere else. This causes balancing acts between fatherland, mother tongue, and the other, the new. A flux of different landscapes, faces and languages shows the artist's struggle between estrangement and engagement.
Curated by Bérénice Staiger.

8 Oct 17.00-21.00 hr. Opening
28 Oct 19.00-21.00 hr. Conversas # 48
31 Oct and 1 Nov 13.00-18.00 hr. South Explorer

Gallery Hommes, Charloisse Kerksingel 14, 3082 DA Rotterdam, Netherlands