'Nothing Has Changed From How It Was Not' ~ Anna Korteweg (DAI, 2008) Drawings 2008 -2015

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'Nothing Has Changed From How it Was Not' is an overview of charcoal drawings and watercolors by Anna Korteweg (Amsterdam, 1975).

In her work, Korteweg explores the relationship between landscape, architecture and intimacy. She uses drawing as a means to examine personal memory and feelings of safety and alienation in relation to architecture and public space. Her large size drawings of monumental structures, interiors and urban locations evoke questions about monumentality and impermanence, while simultaneously, her work reflects on the role of drawing as a slow medium, and how this relates to reality and memory.

Anna Korteweg studied at the HKA in Amsterdam and obtained an MFA at the Dutch Art Institute in 2008.
She lives and works in De Rijp.


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