WOMAN - LAND - CULTURE presentation by artist Avan Omar (DAI, 2016) and social psychologist Shara Tahir for INLAND Türkiye Extension Agency as part of SALTWATER: A Theory of Thought Forms ~ The 14th Istanbul Biennial 2015

22.10.15 | tag: Istanbul

Cezayir , 23rd of October from 17 h to 20 h 

What are the feminine conditions in Iraqi Kurdistan today? How have they changed in recent decades ? What is the position of women in relation to land and identity from an Ecofeminist perspective in a conflictual context as Northern Kurdistan ?
Join artist Avan Omer and social psychologist Shara Tahir to see how cultural and political transformations are reflected from the arts too.

The theme of the 14th Istanbul Biennial, which is drafted by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, is SALTWATER. A Theory of Thought Forms. This international exhibition will feature new works by more than fifty visual artists and other professionals, including oceanographers and neuroscientists, in a project that extends across the whole city of the Bosphorus and surveys the different frequencies and patterns of waves, currents and water densities, both visible and invisible, that shape and transform the world poetically and politically.

Fernando García-Dory is taking part in the event with a project entitled Inland Turkey Extension Agency. This project is a social sculpture and propaganda space that is drawing on INLAND. For one year , Garcia Dory worked together with different groups in Turkey ( from a union of concerned architects to Kurdish farming cooperatives ) developing collaborations. The result is the installation on show at the Biennial organised around four case studies. These case studies the artist has been researching about are expanded in a series of talks, lectures and discussions to trigger a public debate about contemporary Turkey´s relations with its territory and its models of development. They aim to spread the need to transition from a plunder economy to an agroecological model. The installation allows the the space different settings ( eatery, group meeting, ierarchical lecture ) and is arranged and rearranged during the biennale. In the main wall, there is a description of the project and a manifesto and the diagram of the organisation. The other walls are covered with posters, made in a old print machine used for quick political prints and advertising, and using a local paper ( the one Greenpeace and the Americal Coalition are also using in their forms ) , displaying images from agronomic brochures and other forms that become iconic, or brands. 

Avan Omar's presentation in Istanbul was kindly supported by the Dutch Art Institute.