Heartbeat Iran / study trip / in collaboration with Studium Generale Rietveld Academie



tags: Shiraz, Esfehan, Tehran

The DAI is partner of Studium Generale Rietveld Academie for the project Heartbeat Iran. After participating in  an intensive lecture-program 4 DAI students (Maaike Sietzema - Sjanet Bijker - Mu Xue- Vitto Alexiev)  together with 45 Rietveld students, artists and intellectuals traveled  to Teheran, Isfahan and Shiraz and met with Iranian artists, designers and theorists. 
The project resulted in a publication (Heartbeat Iran) desinged by Niels Schrader textual and photographic contributions by  participants.

Departure to Iran: April 28 2005.