Eduardo Cachucho (DAI,2015) selected to participate in "Materials for performance", the title chosen by Yvonne Rainer for the XXI edition CSAV – Artists Research Laboratory of Fondazione Antonio Ratti which will be held from the 6th to the 31st of July 2015.

29.06.15 | tag: Como

One day after his final presentation at the DAI Eduardo Cachucho will be taking part in the CSAV 2015 – Artists Research Laboratory, July 2015.

This year’s invited artist is Yvonne Rainer; a co-founding member of the Judson Dance Theater in 1962, made a transition to filmmaking following a fifteen-year career as a choreographer/dancer (1960–75). After making seven experimental feature films, she returned to dance in 2000.

Her dances and films have been shown worldwide, and her work has been rewarded with museum exhibitions, fellowships and grants.

“Using body, voice, objects, we shall attempt to extrapolate and combine performative fragments from theoretical and literary texts, videos, autobiography, environmental observations, news reports, and from interactions between and among participants in the workshop itself.” (Yvonne Rainer)

During the first week of the workshop the participants will work on this proposed theme in close collaboration with Yvonne Rainer together with the director and curator of the laboratory, Annie Ratti and Emanuela De Cecco. During the second and third weeks the participants will pursue their research and work along with the writer/choreographer Andrea Kleine, further exploring the issues raised in the first week with Rainer. The result will be a day of public performances and exhibitions articulating the research and experiences produced during the laboratory.

A selection panel composed by Annie Ratti (CSAV Director), Emanuela De Cecco (CSAV Curator) and Luigi Fassi (Visual art curator at steirischer herbst, Graz) has chosen 16 young artists from over 380 candidates.

The participants for the XXI edition are: Harold Batista (USA), Alexis Blake (USA), Barbara Boiocchi (Italy), Mikaela Boxström (Finland), Eduardo Cachucho (South Africa/Portugal), Giovanni Paolo Fedele (Italy), Cassandra Guan (China), Clara J:son Borg (Sweden), Przemek Kaminski (Poland), Devos Klaas (Belgium), Emma La Morte (Canada), Luzie Meyer (Germany), Paulien Oltheten (the Netherlands), Luna Paese (Italy), Amol Patil (India), Eshan Rafi(Canada/Pakistan).