2005 Rucksack project: Tur Abdin / a collaboration between DAI and the Suryoye Community of Enschede

With the collaboration of Fulya Erdemci and many others

tags: Tur Abdin, Enschede

Invited by the Suryoye Community of Enschede 14 art students from DAI and the artists Alite Thijsen (projectmanager), Bouchaib Dihaj and Ricardo Liong-A-Kong will be hosted for a research period of two weeks in the monasteries Mar Gabriel and Deyr-az-Zaferan in the desolate area of Tur Abdin in South-East Turkey between April 22 and May 11.
The project will result in a travelling presentation.

The Suryoye Lectures on April 7 & 8
The Suryoye Lectures aim at contextualizing DAI's project Rucksack: Turkey in an artistic, social, historical, diasporic and political context.

The Programme:

Thursday April 7
10 AM August Thiry, writer: Mechelen on the Tigris.
13 PM Sabri Atman, Assyrian intellectual: Seyfo.The genocide of 1915.
15 PM Joost Jongerden, rural sociologist: Resettlement politics and the Kurds of Turkey.
16 PM Floris van den Eijnde, archeologist: Antioch, urban history of a multicultural city.
Friday April 8
10 AM Dr. A.J.Schukkink, anthropologist: The Suryoye, a hidden community in Enschede.
13 PM Dr. Bas ter Haar Romeny, theologist and scolar Semitic languages: Syrian Orthodox religion and culture and the formation of a communal identity.
15 PM Anne Verhoijsen, artist: Genesis 3 (www.genesis3.org)
16 PM Maxine Kopsa, art theorist and free lance editor Metropolis M: On the making of context specific art.


Link to archived.dutchartinstitute.eu/rucksack-turkey/