Informal Strategies, collectively founded by Doris Denekamp (DAI, 2011) and Geert van Mil will launch the publication Noem me Ismaël/Call me Ishmael at Museum Het Dolhuys.

04.06.15 | tag: Utrecht

On June 5 we will launch our book Noem me Ismaël/Call me Ishmael in Museum Het Dolhuys; a madhouse from the 16th century. For the patients' room in the museum, we have developed an installation with four infrared pictures, which are also part of the publication. Next to that the book can be read in one of the room's lazy chairs.

During the launch of the book we will read from Call me Ishmael. Next to that philosopher and expert-by-experience Wouter Kusters will give a talk.
The afternoon will be presented by Esther Vossen, curator of Het Vijfde Seizoen.

In the three months we stayed in Het Vijfde Seizoen (a residency on the terrain of Altrecht GGZ – psychiatric hospital) we, together with the patients, read fragments of Moby Dick. During these collective reading sessions it became clear that the described fears, obsessions and sorrows of the whaling crew are still pertinent today. Reading this nineteenth-century novel thus created a new context in which people’s personal stories could be divulged. Based on these conversations, we wrote Call me Ishmael, a story in which transcript, fiction and delusion merge with one another.

Design: Linda Beumer
Published by: Jap Sam Books and Het Vijfde Seizoen
Language: Engels/Nederlands

Now available for €20,- (ex. shipping),