Volver conference @ Aleppo: Veridiana Zurita (DAI,2010) will speak about her recent journey to the Amazon where she has been working on the re-enactments of Brazilian soap operas.

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Dear Friends,

For those of you who didn't receive yet here in an invitation for a talk I will give about my recent journey to the Amazon where I have been working on the re-enactments of Brazilian soap operas. Scroll down for more info. The project is called Televizinho #1 and will be presented in the context of the performative conference Volver.

Performative Conference and Presentations 


FRIDAY 17.00-22.00

-17.00-end: Video installations: ‘Excavate’ by Sara Santos, ‘Arena’ by Philippine Hoegen
-17.30-19.00: ‘Story Lines’ one-to-one performative installation by Cecilia Molano
-18.00-18.30: Welcoming: food and drinks
-18.30-19.00: ‘Tupperware’ performance workshop by Gosie Vervloesem
-19.00-19.45: ‘Disruption is still to come’, table discussion with Petra Van Brabandt
-19.45-20.00: Screening ‘deuses vadios’ (stray gods) 16mm film by Sara Santos
-20.00-20.15: Break
-20.30-21.30: ‘Televizinho #1’ talk by Veridiana Zurita
-21.30-21.45: ‘Another Version’ performance by Philippine Hoegen
-after: Bar Talks

SATURDAY 12.30-23.00

-12.30-15.30: ‘Drawing Askew’ Master class/workshop by Gonçalo Pena
-14.00-end: Ongoing video installations ‘Excavate’ by Sara Santos, ‘Arena’ by Philippine Hoegen. Documentation installations by Gosie Vervloessem and Cecilia Molano
-16.00- 16.15: Screening ‘deuses vadios’ (stray gods) 16mm film by Sara Santos
-16.15-16.45: ‘Borneo Trophy’ performance by Philippine Hoegen
-16.45-17.30: ‘Mobile Orders’ lecture by Patricia Reed
-17.30-18.00: Break
-18.00-18.30: ‘Constructing David’ performance by Philippine Hoegen
-18.30-19.30: ‘The Wandering Singer of Tales’ lecture performance by Samah Hijawi
-19.30-20.00: Break with food and drinks
-20.00-20.15: Screening ‘Screening ‘deuses vadios’ (stray gods)’ 16mm film by Sara Santos
-20.15-20.30: ‘Deconstructing David’ performance and participative installation by Philippine Hoegen, with Kristien Van Den Brande
-20.45-21.45: Discussion with guests and participants
-22.00 END

Dexia Art Centre -Schildknaapstraat/Rue de l’Ecuyer 50, 1000 Brussel

In the frame of Aleppo‘s research project ‘Back to the Order’, six artistic researchers of a.pass will discuss, perform, exhibit and share their different takes on notions of ‘order’ and its simultaneous resonances of ease and discomfort, of political rigidity and potential, of aesthetic boredom and political reconsideration. Exploring the shifting territories of an order to be reconstructed, a.pass proposes ‘volver’ as an incentive to become involved, to revolve around recurring and shared interests, to recompose history in the aftermaths of an imploded revolution.

Departing from the individual projects, concepts such as the domestic, evolving identities, (the act of) display(ing) and artistic production will be approached as the shifting ground on which the idea of order and its consequences can be explored and activated.

Veridiana's presentation:

For 3 months I have been working together with a riverside community in the Amazon on re-enactments of Brazilian soap operas. I spent 3 days with each family and used their house as the studio for filming. Eating what they eat, sleeping as they do, watching what we watch: soaps. Every night we looked at the soap and picked a scene to re-enact the next day. While re-enacting different logics of appropriation were inaugurated. The way soaps seem to order language and physicality were disturbed by those re-enacting it.

During a talk I will share some of the footage, the working methodologies, the context and ideas around the first edition of this ongoing project.

Veridiana Zurita