Stewart Martin

Stewart Martin is Reader in Philosophy and Fine Art, Middlesex University, and a member of the editorial collective of the journal Radical Philosophy. His publications include: ‘Anti-Art and Autonomy: Adorno’s Theory of Avant-Garde Art’, (Constellations, 2000); 'The Absolute Artwork Meets the Absolute Commodity’ (Radical Philosophy, 2007); ‘Critique of Relational Aesthetics’, (Third Text, 2007) ; ‘An Aesthetic Education Against Aesthetic Education’ (Radical Philosophy, 2007); ‘Artistic Communism – A Sketch’ (Third Text, 2009); ‘Short Treatise on Art’ (Aesthetics and Contemporary Art, 2011); ‘Political Economy of Life: Negt and Kluge’s History and Obstinacy’ (Radical Philosophy, 2015).
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