On the eve of the upcoming, revolutionary edition of Sonsbeek (2016), a book with an overview of the sculptures still present today, in and around the city of Arnhem from 10 editions of the Sonsbeek exhibitions (between 1949 and 2008) was released. Photography: Eva Olthof (DAI, 2011)

28.04.15 | tag: Arnhem

A temporary pavilion was designed by Aldo Van Eyck and built in the summer of 1966 to host sculptures by nearly thirty artists (including Brancusi, Arp and Giacometti) in the Sonsbeek park in Arnhem. Destroyed a few months later, it was rebuilt in 2006 in the garden of the Kröller-Müller museum in Hoenderloo, Netherlands. Read more about the pavilion. 


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