2015 - Eindhoven: four day workshop with Ahmet Öğüt and Nick Aikens at the Van Abbemuseum as part of the course 'Practicing with Institutions, Instituting Practice'.

tag: Eindhoven

March 9-12

Workshop with Ahmet Öğüt and Nick Aikens at the Van Abbemuseum as part of 'Practicing with Institutions, Instituting Practice'. Working collaboratively over four days in the central room of Ahmet Öğüt's exhibition at the Van Abbe, the workshop centred around fundamental questions related to cultural work: What is the context within which we are working, what ways might we work together and what forms might we use to articulate our position? Groups produced collective texts and lecture performances using Ogut's 'Strategic diagram for non-hierachical participatory democracy' as a departure point, either to work with, against or ignore!