2015 - Tehran: Cinétracts by Other Means: Notes from Tehran. A collaboration with Sazmanab, Center for Contemporary Art. Core tutor & framework: Doreen Mende in partnership with The Otolith Collective / Kodwo Eshun. Research & logistics in Tehran: Zohreh Deldadeh. 

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Image: Courtesy Sazmanab Center for Contemporary Art


Meetings with: Sohrab Kashani, Payam Sharifi, Hamid Severi and many others.

Participating DAI- students: Kristinn Gudmundsson, Yung Han Juan, Pilar Mata Dupont, Joost Mellink, Constanza Puente, Miguel Angel Rego Robles, Peter Sattler, Kaste Šeškeviciute, Celia Shomal, Laila Torres Mendieta, Dai Xiyun, Hu Wei. Guest participants Werkplaats Typografie: Yana Foqué and Fred Cave. 


Sazmanab about the project

Public Event with DAI & WT at Sazmanab on Saturday April 18 at 

About the year-long DAI-project Cinétracts by Other Means: Notes from Tehran