April 17: Nikos Doulos (DAI, 2008) invites you to Expodium's launch of UNMAKING THE NETHERLANDS

11.04.15 | tag: Utrecht

17.04.2015 @ 16.30
De Werkspoorkathedraal | Tractieweg 41, Utrecht

Be invited to witness the opening of the first metaphorical theme park 'Unmaking the Netherlands'. On this evening the main three attractions will be revealed: Play, Urban Cannibalism and the Walking Culture. This presentation is an event by Expodium, with special guests Iris Peters (Playful Arts Festival) and Geert van Mil (Informal Strategies).

The opening will take place in de Werkspoorkathedraal on Tractieweg 41, Utrecht. Easily accessible by car, and bus 3 (Zuilen Noord) or on foot from train station Utrecht Zuilen.

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Unmaking the Netherlands (#UTN) is a project by Expodium, a knowledge production hub at the intersection of arts and urban studies. During 2015 Expodium will be researching the un-making of the Netherlands, by exploring and intervening in scenarios in Utrecht's Werkspoorkwartier.
Urban experts, artists and HKU Fine Art students are called upon to work with Expodium and shape the framework of this theme park. There will be artist-residencies in Werkspoorkwartier and a lecture series in seven parts open to the public, for which we’ll receive special guests.
The knowledge gained will be collected in The Living Archive; an archive that consists of a website (www.unmakingthenetherlands.nl) and recurring exhibitions, leading to a publication in spring 2016. This way, everybody can build a themepark in their own city.
Unmaking The Netherlands will be closely held in collaboration with local initiatives such as: de Werkspoorkathedraal, Aorta, Vriendinnen van Cartesius, Werkspoor Koren Opera, Culturele Zondagen, Cartesiusmuseum, de Utrechtse Ruimtemakers and international partners.

16.30 doors open
17.00 intro Expodium + program UTN
17.30 intro of Play in coop with Playful Arts Festival
17.45 intro of Urban Cannibalism icw Geert van Mil
18.00 intro of the Walking Culture
18.15 launch of Unmaking the Netherlands website
18.30 open floor
19.00 closing drinks
19.30 bye bye